Katsuhiro Tsubonou

  [music score]

  Keep moving all parts of your body (eyes, head, face, mouth, hands, fingers, neck, shoulder, lower back, waist, knees, both legs, feet, toes, ankles) slowly and without stopping. Make sure that no part has the same movement.
 When you dance alone keep dancing so the body does not move in the same patterns as it shakes in the atmosphere. 
 When two or more people dance, each person should have time to perform themselves in different movements, to imitate the movements of the other person, and to ”dialogue” with each other. Start in a space where you won’t hit your partner. 
 The performance ends when all the participants have stopped moving whether it is within 5 minutes or more than a few hours later. 
 You can make a breathing sound or noise from your body, or wear something that makes a sound. 
 Participants may add rules such as a sharp movement every now and then or once in a while. 

© Katsuhiro Tsubonou 1998
from the Workshop of Creative Music Making at Koshigaya