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World Collaboration Concert 3

To be held under the musical direction of Katsuhiro Tsubonou
’23 9 Jan Kioi Hall. 1pm~

Artists/performers from Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Iran, Argentina, Romania, and Japan
Using instruments and style from different countries, and adding Japanese instruments to create new music together.
Tokyo-Tower Festival 4
‘23 Mar Club 333

Soundscapes of Japan (the Edo Period) & Buddhist Music( Sho-myo), New contemporary music for the Shamisen.
New Song Competition Honorable Mentions Announced.

( Songs for everyone to sing are newly opened to the public ~ mother-earth-publishing.com)

State of emergency

World Collaboration Concert II has been postponed.
The performance will also be delivered on the Web at the same time on the day of our concert.
It will be held next year with a redesigned program.
As soon as the details of the concert are confirmed, we will inform you on this blog.

Concert Announcement

Katsuhiro Tsubonou will hold a music director’s concert.
We are interacting with artists from many different countries around the world with Folk music and Contemporary music.

3 highlight sessions of the World Collaboration Concert II will be held at The Tokyo Tower.

  1. 4 th July 16:00~17:00
  2. 25th July 16:00~17:00 
  3. 25th July 18:30~19:30

Venue: TOKYO TOWER Club333

Organizer: CSPC. TEL +81-03-3455-6881


  In this blog section, I will write about my musical works.

  From works 50 years ago to my latest works, I will describe the concept and structure of the works.  

 However, it only relates to contemporary music and does not exclude

 children’s songs, pop music, TV and movie works.