This work was composed in 1992 for Japanese and Percussion instruments.

 The title is Kaleidoscore, which is a compound word of kaleidoscope and score.

 Perform improvisation poetry by selecting one figure from A to D on all four sides.

 Performance time is 3 to 5 minutes.

  1. Two players start at the same time.
     They don’t have to finish at the same time.
  2. he shortest time for each block is 2 seconds and the maximum is 10 seconds.
    Mix short, medium and long, and play 4 sides continuously.
    Don’t change the tempo of one side during the performance.
  3. The tempo of the faces selected from the 4 faces (for example, A, C, B, C, D, A, etc) must not be the same. 
  4. Your volume strength should not be the same as your partner.
    Be sure to set the volume opposite or amplify it more. 
  5. You can play the figure as many times as you like from the four sides, but be sure to select it only once. 
  6. You can write the figure yourself and compose a new Kaleidoscore and play it.

Sign in figures (Six types from the top)

Short sound
Phrase (connected song)
Ornament (by ad lib)
Special sound ( sounds by new instruments)
Changing sound ( glissand, vibrato, etc)
Animal voice/sound